MAY 2019


The next members meeting will be Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30 PM at our training facility. All members are welcome to attend.


The next members meeting will be Tuesday, May 21st at our training facility at 7:30 PM. This meeting will be election night. Those interested in dog sports are welcome to attend.


Our annual May Agility trials was another success! A big thank you goes out to all who helped make it a success.


Our annual awards night and potluck dinner was held in March with the following results:

Ben Lumpkins Award for the top Novice A team: Kaylea Talbot

Service Award for the person who contributes behind the scenes: Sherell Guichard-Thomas

Good Sportsmanship Award: Margaret Freeman

Joann Neal Award for the Instructor of the Year: Cathy Smith and Assistant Instructor: Liz Brandt

High in Trials Award: Joann Neal

Congrats to all the winners and titleholders on a successful 2018!


Thanks to all the club members who helped to make our Obedience trial a great success. Biggest kudos to Dana Brown, trial secretary, who did the premium list, took entries and lunch orders, made the trial catalog, judges’ books, running orders, then kept her nose down in the computer all weekend getting everything recorded and sent to AKC. A huge job! JoAnn Phil-lips worked hard on set-up. Thanks to head ring steward Vernon Brown for keeping the rings manned and running smoothly. Margaret Freeman kept our West Texas hospitality flowing with coffee, donuts, drinks, and dispensing lunches. The match crew of JoAnn Phillips, Laura Smith, Cheryl Birdwell, and others kept the match rings going. Laura also got all the equip-ment organized and ready to go, and organized ribbons and prizes. Sherell Guichard-Thomas did a wonderful job (as usual) with the raffle and with the AKC information table. Cheryl Birdwell kept the bills paid. And more thanks to everyone who came up to ring stew-ard, set up the show and haul equipment, keep the ribbons and prizes flowing, donate to the raffle, provide transportation and meals to the judges, and anything I haven't remembered to mention!

Congratulations to members who showed their dogs--whether you brought a ribbon home or not, an entry results from a lot of work, and the bond you have with your dog is better for it!

A brag on the students in our Novice Rally class. They did great at our Obedience trial, with many of them competing in Beginner Novice Obedience as well as in Novice Rally. We had fun and earned titles at the same time. There is a nice story about us on the AKC Sports Facebook page. Scroll down to "Posts" on the left-hand side. There are pictures and comments by Judge Aimee Kincaid.


Remember to send all your information on all titles your dog(s) earned during Calendar Year 2018 (i.e., be-tween January 1st and December 31st, 2018) to Marcia Bishoff by Tuesday, January 15th, 2019. This includes Obedience, Utility, Agility, Tracking, Carting, and any other dog sport for which you and your dog earned a title in 2018. CGC titles are also now eligible under the AKC rules, provided that the $20 fee has been paid for the CGC title certificate. Pet Therapy visits are eligible as well. Send your dog's registered name, the name of the title and the date it was earned. Also include any therapy hours you have for each dog. If this is the first year you received titles for a dog, SPOTC also supplies you with a plaque. Please indicate that you need a plaque and, if it is different from the registered name, include the dog's name as you would like it to be engraved on the plaque.

Special Award for Top Novice A Dog-and-Handler Team

The Ben Lumpkins Award recognizes the Club's top Novice A handler and dog for the past year. Points are earned for this award based on qualifying scores, class placements, and titles earned from the Novice A class at AKC competitions. If you have competed in the Novice A class in any AKC venue this year, contact Marcia Bishoff (subject title Ben Lumpkins Award) at for a worksheet to chart your activity. If you showed in a Novice Preferred class (which doesn’t divide into A or B) you are also eligible for the award as long as this was your first time to compete in that venue.


Thanks to everyone who helped make our November Agility trial a success. Every time I looked around there were club members and out-of-town competitors helping with whatever needed to be done. Putting on an Agility trial is a huge undertaking, and it would not be possible without so many people pitching in. I really appreciate all my committee heads doing their jobs and the hard-working course building crews that were at the show site early each day. We have a few months to catch our breath before the next one-- so relax, enjoy your dogs, and have a great holiday!


I want to thank all the club members for their hard work at the Levelland trial. Four days of Agility trials is a tremendous undertaking and many of you went the extra mile to ensure it was a success. All my Event Committee heads did their jobs AND ran their dogs with great success.

A special thanks to Joe Harth for figuring out a way to make our ring sizes accom-modate all the crating in the main arena. Randy Shipp stepped up again to haul the big trailer for SPOTC. Our course building crews headed by Marian McGuire, Coye McCleskey, and Cheryl & Larry Birdwell were always right on top of things and had the courses built in record time. Thanks to all of you who helped them with this important job. Jodi did a great job of keeping the judges and trial secretaries fed, in addition to keeping drinks iced down for all the workers. Nancy Lewis, Dana and Vernon Brown, and Joe and Kathy Harth did a wonderful job managing the volunteers for both rings. Judy Flagle always stepped up and helped with the timers. Margaret Freeman helped organize the volunteer boards and running orders for the gates each day. Sherell Guichard-Thomas put together another amazing raffle. A special thanks to D'Nae Wilson for copying the course maps for us when one of our judges couldn't make it the first day. Mary Jane and Tim Sampson picked up the judge at the airport when she finally arrived Thursday night. Every time I looked up, there were club members volunteering to work the rings.

After four days, we were all tired, but we all knew that SPOTC did it again. We put on another class act Agility trial!!


Dana Brown - President

Mary Jane Sampson - Vice President Jodi Pritchard

Secretary - Cheryl Birdwell

Treasurer - Jodi Pritchard


Ruth Ann Parsley, Teresa Janssen, Joe Harth, Mary Lou Vardy, and Michael Felker


There will be two Farm Dog Certification Tests on August 25th, 2018. Judges are Kathy Harth and Cathy Jacobs. Cost for each test is $30.00. The test is limited to 20 teams per test and if not filled before, entries will be accepted on the day of the test. Two spots remain available. The premium will be available soon. For more information contact Dana Brown -


We are excited to announce a few changes to our class offerings. Classes offered on Monday evenings will still be offered as follows:

6:00 p.m. Household

7:00 p.m. Puppy Class

8:00 p.m. Canine Good Citizen (as always, assuming sufficient applicants for this class)

Household classes previously offered on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. have been rescheduled to Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. The class previously offered on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. will be replaced by a Novice Rally class, to take place on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.


SPOTC will be offering a 7-week Rally Novice class beginning with the August 1st class sessions. This class will be open to the public, but members will have the first opportunity to sign up for it. The cost of this class will be $110.00, and coupons can be used.

Rally is an Obedience-related performance sport in which dogs and handlers follow a course, at walking speed, determined by numbered cones and instructions for what to do at each cone station. Rally is less rigorous than Agility and more relaxed than formal Obedience.

It is recommended that dogs undertaking this class are good on lead, as learned in the House-hold and/or Canine Good Citizen courses.


Our annual May Agility trials was held at the Texas Tech Equestrian Center from Friday, May 4th through Sunday, May 6th, 2018 was another success. Thank you to all who helped.


What a great job our members did putting on our summer agility trials!! Lots of hard work keeping the trial going, and congratulations to members who had success with their dogs!

A special thanks to the hardest workers of all--the course-building teams who did the heavy lifting, and kept the trial moving. Chief course-builder JoAnn Phillips and her side-kick Ruth Ann Parsley headed up the two rings -- and many more slaving away. The Lord of the Rings -- Ronda and her sidekick Teresa kept the rings staffed and workers "paid."

Jodi Pritchard kept everyone hydrated and judges nourished. Sherell Guichard-Thomas did her usual great job putting together the raffles and selling tickets. Thanks to every-one who donated items for the raffle. Sherell also puts up the public education booth that is attractively displayed.

It takes about 8 workers to run each class, times 10 classes times 4 days. Everyone stepped up and kept things moving, and showed up to load and unload all that equip-ment. Thanks to Marcia and Gary for organizing & hauling the SPOTC trailer, and others for their own trailers and vehicles.

Cheryl Birdwell & Marcia Bishoff have taken over the job of ordering and maintaining equipment, and keeping it in line with AKC's ever-changing regulations. They have everything organized and labeled in storage so that we have everything we need when we get to the trial. Cheryl Birdwell kept the checks flowing so expenses were met and a profit/loss report is provided. Thanks to everyone who helped! Great trial,


A big THANK YOU to club members and significant others who gave their time and muscle so generously for the SPOTC agility trials! Everything went smoothly, and many exhibitors and the judge complimented us on the good trials and the friendly atmosphere. A special thanks to the course builders, who work the hardest of all at events like this. Everyone should pat him/herself on the back before taking another Aleve. I saw lots of good runs and lots of worthy efforts in the ring, and I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.


Make sure to catch our club's debut on Club members recently performed an agility demo at halftime for the Ropes High School football game on November 2nd. The club got rave reviews from the crowd. The demo was video taped and placed on the website thanks to Paula Perry. To take a look, just go to this direct link:

SPOTC Ropes Agility Demo


All members are encouraged to show their pride and hang an 8x10 photo of their titled dog on the wall in the meeting room. If you do not have an extra copy of your precious color photos, you can frame a color copy. Also keep in mind that the club has voted to hang photos of dogs that earn an MX or UDX in an honored place on the wall with our OTCH dogs.


Honk if you love animals! Better yet, purchase a special Animal Friendly license plate for an additional $25. Proceeds will provide free or reduced-cost spaying and neutering for dogs and cats across Texas. Call the Texas Department of Transportation for more information at 512-374-5010 or contact your local animal shelter.