Tuxedo Femme La Petite, AX AXJ


(Photo by Evershots)

Standard Poodle

Owned and trained by Sherhonda Ginn

This month Sherhona will tell us about her "Come Back Kid", Gidget:

Gidget and I began competing in agility in May of 2010. We were off to a great start! Gidget completed her Novice Jumpers, Novice Agility, Open Jumpers and Open Agility in 7 months. We were having a great time, making new friends and learning so much at the trials we attended. In February of 2011 at practice I noticed she seemed to be moving much more slowly but attributed it to her being tired. A few days later as I was loading her into my van after work, she shrieked! Let me tell you that scared me out of my wits. A quick trip to the vet revealed a calcified disc in her spine. The vet prescribed rest, medication and limited activity for 2 weeks. At the end of that time the problem still existed. After visits to several local vets for second opinions, I elected to take her to a specialist in Dallas for a possible Laser Disc Ablation procedure. I was hoping to alleviate the pain and prevent future spinal disc issues. The laser surgery is much less invasive than standard surgery and recovery time is much shorter. We were very fortunate that our vet recommended an outstanding surgeon and clinic in Dallas, Dr. Katherine Wells. Upon arrival in Dallas, Dr. Wells assessed her and her condition and determined she was an excellent candidate for the procedure. The procedure was done on a Wednesday morning and we came home the next day with a long list of post op instructions, which I followed to the letter. Dr. Wells had assured me that if I did my job and followed her post op instructions that Gidget should be able to continue her agility competition.

After several weeks we began the process of literally starting over in agility. Jumps were set at only 12 inches to begin with and gradually increasing in height every couple of weeks. I was so nervous! I did not want to do anything that might hurt Gidget. It took several months to rebuild our confidence and feel that we were ready to try agility competition again. On December 31 of 2011 Gidget earned her Agility Excellent Title in Amarillo! Thanks to our vet and Dr. Katherine Wells in Dallas we would continue to do what we love to do together! Gidget has completed her Excellent A Titles and is now earning MACH points and we hope to someday reach the pinnacle and she will be an agility champion. Whether we reach that pinnacle or not, we will continue to compete and have fun together.