Paula Perry: Aubrey is the newest member of the Perry Pack. He was born on May 5th in Canada. We drove up and picked him up when he was 8 weeks old and weighed 13.1 pounds. He recently turned 12 weeks and weighed in at 21 pounds. He is growing like a bad weed! He is a sweet, happy, funny boy. Agnes loves him and is very tolerant. She didn’t like being alone - she needed a buddy..

Tim and Mary Jane Sampson: Kodi was awarded his Versatility Dog by the Miniature Schnauzer Club of America..

Gail Claborn: Dragon earned two Open Barn Hunt legs, a High in Class, and 100 Crazy 8 points.

At the OKC Nosework Trials in Oklahoma City, Rio achieved a Buried Advanced Title and a leg each in Interior Advanced and Handler Discrimination Advanced with the best time and First place. This was Zorro's first trial, and he earned a Container Novice leg. At the Heart of the Plains KC Barn Hunt Trial in Lubbock, Rio earned his Crazy 8 Bronze title. He also earned a RATCH (Rat Champion) leg with a First place and High Score in in the Class. I’ve just learned that Rio is the only Senior, Master and CZY8B Papillon in Texas..

Dana Brown: At HPKC's inaugural Barn Hunt trial Gibbs earned his Senior (RATS) title and Wicca earned her Novice title (RATN).

Shirley Jackson: Savvy debuted in Scent Work at the Canine Summer Olympics in Oklahoma City in June. She qualified in her two Novice interior runs with one First place. She also qualified in her two Novice Container runs. At the same event Creed received his RATO title in Barn Hunt. At the HPKC Barn Hunt, Savvy earned her Crazy Eights Bronze title..

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey made the Performance Top Twenty for the second year in a row for the American Bouvier des Flandres Club. Cruiser is the #1 Chow Chow in All Breed points through June.

Joann Neal: At the Belton Agility trials, Tush earned a 3Q, Shaq earned a 2Q and two Master FAST legs, and Doozie, Tush, and Shaq each earned several other Qs in various classes. At the Houston shows, I showed Tush five days in Utility B. She achieved four Qs with three Firsts and a Third, accumulating 21 Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) points. One of her Utility scores of 199.5

Laura Smith: In Houston at the Shoreline Shetland Sheepdog Club of Baytown Obedience specialty show, Frenzy finished her CDX, and Dealer earned High in Trial for the Novice class. At the Houston Kennel Club Obedience trials, Frenzy qualified and placed in Open on both days.

Please keep Sherell Thomas in your thoughts on the loss of Rowdy. A wonderful big guy.

Please keep Teresa Janssen in your thoughts on the loss of Radar. A great competitor and companion.

Nancy Lewis: Dash and I were invited to compete in the ProPlan Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Avon Colorado. She was a forerunner for Agility and was in the 30 up and back weave pole competition. It was a knock-out relay event, and my sister took us out in the first round, but it was an incredible experience.

Ken Williams: In Midland Ellie earned her first PACH. In Spring, Tx, Ellie earned a QQ and her very first T2B Q. Bo was on fire going 8 for 9 with a QQ and a QQQ.

Teresa Janssen: At both trials this month, we only competed two of the three days. Either the dogs or I got sick! At Midland Lager earned a QQ, a single Standard Q, and a Premier JWW Q. At Albuquerque Lager achieved two Premier Standard Qs and a JWW Q.

Dana Brown: At the DPOC trial Gibbs finished both his Open FAST title and his Open Standard title. Racy earned her MJP4, and several Qs including another QQ.

Margaret Freeman: At the AOTC trial in Amarillo, Breagh completed her Open Jumpers title.

Joann Neal: At the Midland Agility trials, Shaq got a QQ and Tush got a QQQ. This finished Tush’s “TQX” title—Triple Q Excellent—for 10 triple Qs in Master FAST, Master Standard, and Master JWW.

Shirley Jackson: At the Desert Paws Obedience Club trial, Creed earned two First places in Novice JWW Preferred for his first Agility title. Savvy earned a First place in both Excellent JWW and Novice Standard.

Regina Edwards: Taker earned his Novice Standard Pre-ferred title with a First place at the Desert Paws trial in Mid-land. He also earned his Performer Trick Dog title. Zippy had several single Qs. Rio also earned several single Qs and a QQ.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: At the recent June Albuquerque shows, Cruiser won a Group 1, 2 and 4. Zoey earned another leg in Master Jumpers Preferred at the Amarillo shows.

Liz Brandt and Mike Felker: At Albuquerque in June, Mischief (Ex-Animo's Cruising Mischief Managed) took both a Baby Puppy 4-6-month Best of Breed, and a Beginner Puppy Variety Group One--quite a feat; all those puppies were pretty darned cute.

Kate and Derek Johnson: At the ASCA show in College Station: Finn was Reserve Winners Dog to two 5 point majors and then Winners Dog for a 5 point major to finish his ASCA championship. In Lucy's first weekend out as a Special she won two Best Of Breed and one Best of Opposite Sex. Birdie and LeighRoy both earned legs in Agility. Derek also went to the Desert Paws Agility trial in Midland. Birdie was 4 for 6 and LeighRoy qualified in an Open class.

Please keep Sherell Thomas in your thoughts on the loss of Rowdy. A wonderful big guy.

Teresa Janssen: At our SPOTC trial, Lager earned two QQs and single Qs in both Master JWW and Premier JWW. At the AOTC trial, Lager earned three QQs along with another Q in Premier JWW.

Dana Brown: Gibbs finished his Novice FAST title and earned two Open FAST Legs, two Open JWW legs and two Open STD legs with seven Firsts and one Second place. Racy finished her Open FAST title and earned a couple of Qs.

Cheryl Birdwell: Sky earned her PACH 6 in Amarillo. Ruby Q’d 5 out of her 8 runs.

Margaret Freeman: At our trial, Breagh earned a First and a Second place in Excellent FAST. In Amarillo, she earned a Second place in Open Jumpers.

Shirley Jackson: Creed debuted in Agility at the May SPOTC trial and received two qualifying runs in Novice JWW and one in Novice Standard, all with Second places. At the AOTC trial in Amarillo, Creed had a qualifying run in JWW Preferred, and one in Standard Preferred, both with First places.

Regina Edwards: Taker qualified twice in Rally Intermedi-ate and once in Preferred Novice at the AOTC Obedience trial. At our May Agility trial, he earned Qs in T2B, Novice JWW and STD with First places. At the Papillon Nationals, he finished his Novice JWW title with a First place and earned a Q in Novice STD. Taker also achieved the High Scoring Pre-ferred Novice rosette. Zippy earned three straight QQs and his MXB title at our trial. He qualified in three out of six classes at the Nationals. Rio got QQs both at our trial and at the Nationals, and quali-fied in four of six classes. He also earned his MXG at our trial.

Joann Neal: At the SPOTC Agility trials, Shaq got a QQ and finished his Open FAST Title. Doozie earned two T2B legs and two Master STD Legs. Tush earned a QQQ, and all three had other assorted Qs. At the AOTC Agility trials, Shaq finished his Excellent FAST title. Shaq and Tush had other assorted Qs. At the Rio Grande KC Obedience trials in Albuquerque, Tush took a First Place and a Fourth Place in Utility B, which was good for 10 Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) points.

Cathy Smith: At the Abilene shows “Roundabout Sweeps All at Scripts”, aka Dyson, took two 3-point Majors. At 16 months of age, he needs only one more point for his Championship.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Cruiser went to the recent Abilene shows and won two Group 2s and one Group 3. In Albuquerque he earned a Group 1, Group 3 and a Reserve Best in Show. Due to his win-ning an Award of Merit at the Chow Chow National Specialty, Cruiser received an invitation to the Crufts dog show. He also earned his Grand Championship. Zoey earned another Master Jumper Preferred leg with a First place at our Agility trial, and another one with a Second place at the AOTC trial.

Please keep Mike Felker and Liz Brandt in your thoughts on the loss of VLX Tyr von Stutensee RA NAP MJP CGC TKN FDC ACH LTA. 11/06/2011 - 04/01/2019. What a great dog with a big heart.

Teresa Janssen: I went to our Specialty at Purina Farms—Schnauzapalooza. Lager got a Premier JWW Q, a T2B Q, A Master JWW Q, and a QQ. He was in the ribbons in all of them. The Mini Schnauzers had a fun exhibition Agility relay race, showcasing the top 25 Miniature Schnauzers in Agility for the year. We had so much fun doing that for the crowd! At Wichita Falls Lager got three JWW Qs and two Premier Standard Qs .

Dana Brown: In Wichita Falls Racy Q'd 6 out of 8 runs with one QQ, placing in each class including two Firsts. Gibbs earned his first Open Standard leg with a First place. In Conformation, Ruger, Merrimac’s After Midnight, a puppy from a frozen litter sired by our boy Gus, CH Merrimac the Aegean CDX RE CGC TDI took his first points at 7 months old.

Margaret Freeman: In Wichita Falls, Breagh earned First places in Excellent Standard at 46 sec. (SCT was 68 sec.), Open Jumpers at 22 sec. (SCT was 43 sec.), and Open FAST with 73 points to finish her Open FAST title.

Judy Flagle: Indy earned his Crazy 8 Bronze title at the Bosque Barnstormers Barn Hunt trial. That title requires the dog to have earned 500 C8 (Crazy 8) points. He also earned legs 7 and 8 toward his RATCH, both with Third places. He will make his Agility debut at our trial.

Bonnie Brooks: Jesse earned his CGC and passed all of his Alliance of Therapy Dogs Tests.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Cruiser received an Award of Merit at the recent Chow Nationals.

Gayle deHaas: Ziggy (GCHS Always Quantum Leap) is the Standard Schnauzer Club of America 2018 Standard Schnauzer of the Year Opposite Sex. She is the fifth ranked SSCA Standard Schnauzer in breed points and eighth in all breed points for 2018.

Kate and Derek Johnson: At the recent Nationals, Birdie earned a leg in Master Jumpers. LeighRoy earned First places in both Open Standard and Open Jumpers, and completed her Rally Intermediate title with scores of 86 and 96 points. Frankie completed her Rally Advanced title with scores of 99 and 96 points, with one First place. Peri finished her Rally Novice title with scores of 96 and 100, with one First place. Zumba completed her Beginner Novice title in Obedience (189.5 and 191.5). Lucy made the cut in the Conformation BBX class.

Joann Neal: The poodles and I attended the Poodle Club of America National Specialty Show at Purina Farms, and had a great time. In Agility, Shaq QQ’d, Tush Q’d in T2B, and Doozie Q’d in JWW. In Agility, a bitch I bred got High-Scoring Champion and High-Scoring Novice Dog. In Obedience, Doozie Q’d in Open B. In Rally, Speedy finished his Rally Excellent title. In Obedience, a bitch I bred got High-scoring Champion of Record and High Combined in Open B and Utility B. In breed competition, Fanny received an Award of Merit.

Gail Claborn: Dragon got his Rally Novice Beginner Obedience title and his Agility Time to Beat title.

Regina Edwards: Rio and I went to our first ever Nationals in Tulsa. I’d hoped just to Q in one run to get a rosette, and we ran clean in all three runs. We placed 29th out of 117 8-inch dogs. Also, Taker earned his Trick Dog Advanced title.

Kate and Derek Johnson: This was Derek's first rally trial. He and LeighRoy earned their Rally Novice title with a First and two Third places. Finn earned his Rally Intermediate title with three Fourth places. Zumba earned her Rally Intermediate title with a First, a Second, and a Third place, and also earned two legs in Beginner Novice. Frankie earned a Second and a Third place in Rally Intermediate. Derek also went to Clovis in March. Birdie earned two First places in Excellent Standard and a First in Excellent Jumpers. Tommie earned a First place in Novice Standard. In March, 18-month-old Lucy and Peri earned their CGC titles. At the regional specialty in Fort Worth, Lucy was RWB to the 5 pt major, and Finn was Select for a 5 pt major towards his Bronze level. Over the weekend we did rally. Frankie finished her Rally Intermediate title and earned her first Rally Advanced leg. Derek and LeighRoy stayed in Novice on Saturday. She won a huge class with a score of 100. On Sunday LeighRoy earned her first Rally Intermediate leg with a Fourth place and a score of 97. In her Rally debut, Peri won a huge Novice class with a score of 100.

Mike Felker and Liz Brandt: Tango was recertified as a Therapy Dog by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. That let her earn her LTA (Leonberger Therapy Award) and her VL (Versatile Leonberger).

Joann Neal: I spent three weekends in March showing Fanny in breed competition. In Kerrville, she was Best of Variety all four days, and got a Group 3rd. In Fort Worth, she was Best of Variety both days, and also got a “regular” Group 4th and an Owner-Handled Group 1st. In the five days in Claremore, OK, Fanny was Best of Variety at the five all-Breed shows, had a Group 1st in the “regular” Groups (beating the Westminster group winner, who won the group the other four days.) She also won a poodle Specialty Best In Show. In The Owner-Handler (OH) competition there she “swept.” She was O-H Best In Show all five days of the all-breed shows, and also O-H Group 1st in the Non-Sporting club show. There were nearly 400 dogs entered in the Owner-Handled competition.

Joann Neal: Joann Neal and her Miniature Poodles had a big February, finishing six Titles. At the Hobbs Kennel Club breed show, Fanny won the Variety both days, then got a Group 1st and a Reserve Best In Show on Saturday, and a Group 2nd on Sunday. At the Tracking Club of El Paso TDX Test, Shaq completed his track successfully, and got his Tracking Dog Ex-cellent (TDX) Title. This also wins him his Versatile Companion Dog 3 title, which is awarded if a dog completes at least an Obedience Utility Title, an Agility AX AXJ, and a TDX. t the SPOTC Obedience and Rally trials, Doozie finished her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Title from the Open B class with a score of 194. This also gets her a Versatile Companion Dog 2 Title (requiring at least a TD, OA & OAJ, and a CDX). Tush had a nice run in Utility B with a 196.5, and Speedy won two Rally Excellent legs. At the Clovis-Portales KC Agility trials, Shaq and Doozie both finished Novice FAST Titles, and Shaq got his first Open FAST leg. Tush and Shaq qualified with placements in Master Standard and Master Jumpers.

Laura Smith: At our Obedience trial Dealer won his Novice B class all three days. He earned some nice scores and finished with a 197.5 on Sunday.

Regina Edwards: Taker has been busy. He has not only earned his TKN and TKI (Trick Novice and Intermediate) titles, but also at our Obedience trial he completed his Beginner Novice and Rally Novice titles. At the OPAC trial in Andrews, Rio got a QQ and all First places and Zippy got a QQ. In Clovis, Zippy got a QQ and Rio qualified in several classes with several placements. Rio has qualified for the AKC Nationals in Tulsa which begin on March 15th.

Dana Brown: At Andrews and Clovis, Gibbs earned his Novice Standard title and his first Novice FAST leg. Racy picked up a couple of Qs in Clovis despite some unusual courses, and earned her Master Excellent Preferred 3 title on Sunday to finish a tough weekend.

Margaret Freeman: In Andrews, Breagh smiled her way through both her Novice Jumpers and Novice FAST titles with two First places in each class. She also earned a First in Open FAST and a Second in Open Jumpers. In Clovis, Breagh earned a First place in Open FAST. At that trial, she had some great runs in very challenging courses

Ken Williams: The United States Australian Shepherd Association published its top 10 dogs in each Agility discipline for 2018. Bo was the Number 8 Premier Standard 20” dog for last year.

Teresa Janssen: At the Clovis trial Lager QQ’d on both Saturday and Sunday. Both days he won the Master Standard class.

Shirley Jackson: At the OPAC Agility trial Savvy earned her first qualifying run in Novice Standard with a First place. At the February North Texas Barn Hunt trial, Savvy performed two qualifying runs for her RATCH with a Third and Fourth place. At the same trial Creed earned a second leg in Open with a Second place

Please remember Cathy Smith on the loss of her Mini Wire haired Dachshund, Cowboy. He was a great dog and won many friends as a therapy dog.

Joann Neal: In the Corpus Christi KC shows, Fanny won Best of Variety 3 days. On Sunday she won a Group First. In the Owner-Handler competition, she won three Group Firsts and a Best In Show. At the same shows, Tush Qualified in Obedience in Utility B two days with a First and a Fourth place. I showed Shaq for the first time in Utility one day in Glen Rose, and he qualified for his first leg. In El Paso, he qualified two of four days to finish his Utility Title. A Utility Title in 5 total tries is pretty amazing. Also at the El Paso Obedience trials, Doozie got two legs toward her CDX from the Open B class. She also won a High In Trial from the Novice B class with a 198. Speedy came out of retirement to finish Novice and Advanced Rally Titles..

Ronda Clark: Tally earned her first two legs towards her CDX her first weekend out, with scores of 195 and 196, and Second and Third placements in the Open B class. We were showing in El Paso.

Regina Edwards: The Papillons and Collie have been busy being good this month, earn-ing their Canine Good Citizen titles. Taker earned all three titles: CGC, CGCA (CGC Advanced)) and his CGCU (CGC Urban). Rio, Zippy, Zorry and Breez also earned their CGCUs..

Laura Smith: At the El Paso Obedience trials, Frenzy earned her first Open leg towards her CDX with a Second place. Dealer made his debut in the Obedience ring, earning his Companion Dog title with two Firsts and a Second place..

Phil Marshall: Vizsla “Boy” (CH Starstone Red Oak Boy Howdy CDX RN JH CGC) earned his Companion Dog Excellent title in El Paso on January 18th.

Shirley Jackson: At the North Texas Barn Hunt trial, Creed received his first leg in Open with a First place..

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey earned her American Bouvier des Flandres Club Master Draft Dog Excellent title, MDDX. Cruiser ended up the #10 Chow Chow All Breed for 2018 according to Canine Chronicle. Shown here with handler Mike Brantley and judges..

Please remember Chuck and Paula Perry on the loss of their Shar Pei, Cecil. He was a great dog.

Joann Neal: We took a trip to the Dallas breed shows, where Fanny won Best of Variety each of the four days. We went from there to Orlando, FL to the AKC Championship Show. On Friday we showed in the Owner-Handler Championship. Fanny was Best of Variety, and followed with a Group Second. On Saturday we showed in the Championship show, where Fanny got Best of Opposite Sex against a line-up of the best professional poodle handlers from all over the country. Fanny ends the year ranked as the #2 Miniature Poodle (#1 bitch) in both Breed and All-Breed rankings.

Ken Williams: Bo, Ellie, Reggie and I closed out 2018 doing Agility in Spring, Texas. My little velcro dog Ellie worked at distance and earned her Excellent FAST Preferred title with three First places. She also added a QQ with a First and a Second place. Bo was "Mister Steady" with three QQs and two Premier Standard Qs including one in the top 25%.

Regina Edwards: At the Sangre de Cristo Kennel Club Agility trial in Albuquerque, Rio QQ'd all three days. Zippy took a QQ and a QQQ. He also earned two T2B legs. In Wichita Falls Rio earned a Q in STD with 30 points and Zippy earned his T2B title, along with a QQQ and a QQ..

Gayle deHaas: Ziggy’s puppies arrived on December 26, 2018. Two boys (orange and yellow ribbons) and one girl (green ribbon). Ziggy is an awesome mom.

Ken Williams: November was a good month for Team Williams. At our SPOTC trial Bo completed his second MACH. He also added another QQ to his resume. In Houston, Bo added two QQs. At SPOTC Ellie was 3 for 6 with a QQ. In Houston, Ellie completed her Master Excellent Jumpers 3 title with a QQ and some fast runs. Also, BOTH dogs have now qualified for the AKC Agility National Champion-ships to be held in Tulsa next March.

Regina Edwards: At our trial Zippy earned two QQs and a triple Q, and qualified in T2B twice.

Bonnie Brooks: Jesse earned his Ex-cellent JWW Preferred title with a First Place at the SPOTC trial.

Teresa Janssen: At our local trial Lager qualified in 8 of his 10 runs. He achieved two QQs, two First place Qs in FAST, a Premier JWW Q, and a single Master JWW Q. At the Belton trial Lager earned a Premier QQ and a single Q in both Std and JWW.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey went to the November cart-ing trials hosted by the Rottweiler Club of New Mexico and earned two more CI (Carting Intermediate) titles. This brings her to 9 qualifying legs, and she needs only one more Bouvier club carting/draft trial leg to earn her American Bouvier des Flandres Champion Draft Dog title. She placed Third and Fourth at the trials. At our November Agility trials, she earned her AXP title by earning two legs in Excellent Standard. She also earned another Master Jumpers Preferred leg.

Shirley Jackson: At the SPOTC trial, Savvy earned a First place in Open JWW for her title.

Joann Neal: At SPOTC’s Agility trials, Tush Q’d in 7 of 8 courses, including a 3Q and a 2Q. Shaq Q’d 4 of 6 courses, including a 2Q and a Standard First Place. Doozie Q’d 5 of 9 courses. At Agility trials in Las Cruces, Tush Q’d in 4 of 6 courses, including a 2Q and three Firsts. Doozie Q’d and won a couple of JWW courses. Shaq ran well but kept finding a trouble spot in each course. At Breed shows in San Angelo, Fanny won three Group Firsts and two Reserve Bests In Show. She ended the AKC Owner-Handler year as the #1 Owner-handled Minipoo. Also, Fanny has received an invitation to Westminster as #2 Miniature Poodle this year.

Gayle DeHaas: Ziggy (GCHS Always Quantum Leap) will retire for the time being to the whelping box. The sire is GCHG CH Erregen's Little Deuce Coupe ("Cooper"). We expect puppies during Christmas week. Ziggy took BOB during her last show this year in San Angelo. She currently ranks 5th in Grand Champion points as of the end of October.

Dana Brown: At the Lubbock trial, Gibbs earned a leg in Novice Jumpers. Racy Q'd 5 out of 9 runs, with three First places, earned her T2B2 title and now has all points needed for her PACH; she just needs double Qs. Dana ran Mia for Coye who had to work, and Mia earned a Jumpers Q with a First place, a T2B Q and a Q in Master FAST.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey and I went to the American Bouvier des Flandres National Specialty at Purina Farms in October and Zoey did well. She placed First in the Rally Intermediate class and qualified in the Mas-ters Jumpers class in Agility and earned 5 PACH points. She also competed in the Multi-Level Performance award competition and came in Fourth place out of 16 competitors. Zoey also competed in two Draft Dog tests and passed both tests. By passing both of these tests, she has earned her Master Draft Dog Excellent title. Zoey was a Performance Top 20 honoree and she also earned her Bouvier Versatility Grand Championship title. In Conformation she placed Second in the Working Bitch class. The Bouvier performance stats are also out, up to June 30, 2018, and Zoey is #1 in Open Obedience and is also tied for #1 in Open and Excellent A Preferred Agility. Hooray!

Ronda Clark: Tally finished her MACH in Wichita Falls in October.

Regina Edwards: At the AOTC trial on October 5th Rio earned his MACH 2 title under judge David Nauer.

Teresa Janssen: We’ve done three trials in October —Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and Andrews. Lager earned four Premier Standard Qs, one Premier JWW Q, three FAST Qs, two T2B Qs, five Master Standard Qs, and four Master JWW Qs. Our T2B Q in Amarillo was our 75th—the amount needed for the Agility Grand Championship (AGCH), so we are going to stop competing in that class now. Our FAST Q in Andrews was our 74th, so only one more Q and we will just concentrate on those challenging Premier courses.

Ken Williams: In Wichita Falls, Ellie finished her Master Bronze Agility JWW Preferred title and Bo finished his Master Gold JWW title. Bo had two triple Qs. Ellie had three Qs. In Andrews, Ellie ran Premier for the first time on Saturday and Q'd both her Premier Stand-ard and Jumpers runs. She added a double Q and finished her Master Agility Preferred Bronze title. Bo added another triple Q to his resume. Reggie ran in the Fun Run tunnels only course on Saturday night and ran fast!

Joann Neal: At Cen-Tex Kennel Club in Belton, Fanny won two Group Firsts. In Wichita Falls agility, Shaq finished his T2B title with three nice runs. Tush and Doozie had a few Qs, and Doozie won a big JWW class. In Andrews, Doozie finished her AX title with a First (27 seconds under time), then moved up to Master Standard and won a First. She also Q’d a couple of Master JWW courses—one was 20 seconds under time. She earned two Novice FAST legs, as did Shaq. Tush achieved a QQ and another nice STD Q.

Dana and Vernon Brown: In October, we ran in Amarillo, Wichita Falls and Andrews. Racy qualified sev-eral times, earning her Master Excellent Preferred Bronze and her Master Jumpers Preferred III, and adding a total of 76 points. She also qualified in several T2B runs. Gibbs debuted in Wichita Falls, earning two Novice Jumpers legs. In Andrews, he finished his Novice Jumpers title and earned two legs in Novice Standard.

Margaret Freeman: In Andrews, Breagh ran FAST for the first time and took First place with good time and 65 points. She also earned her Open Stand-ard title with two Second places. Though we didn’t qualify thanks to a knocked bar, she completed one Novice Jumpers course in 18 seconds (SCT for that one was 49 sec.).

Shirley Jackson: At the OPAC trial, Savvy had two First places in Open JWW.

Kathy Neeper: Cashmere’s Copper Treasure TKN first Dock Diving event earned him his Senior Dock Diving title with four Second places and a Third place at a personal best of 17 feet 7 inches. Then he surprised us at the Finals with a First place in Senior Division at a personal best of 19 feet.

Kaylea Talbot: Ipsy finished her Novice Trick Dog Title in September. She also earned her first Barn Hunt titles at the Plainview trial, including the RATI and RATN, She also achieved High in Class with a time of 11 seconds and also received the Judge’s Choice award.

Please keep Joann Neal in your thoughts on the loss of her Miniature Poodle Sake. She was a wonderful multi-talented girl.

Please keep Dana and Vernon Brown in your thoughts on the loss of their Doberman Pinscher, Smooch. She was a great girl.

Regina Edwards: At the Plainview K-9 Star Barn Hunt Rio finished his RATM (Master title) and earned 120 Crazy 8 points. At the Barn Hunt Nationals he double qualified in Hurdles and won Fourth place. In Agility in Midland, Rio QQQ’d two days and earned his Master FAST title. Rio also earned his MJG (Master Jumpers Gold) title as well at Midland for qualifying 75 times in Master Jumpers. At the Plainview K-9 Star Barn Hunt, youngster Taker earned both his Instinct and Novice titles and earned a leg in Open in his very first time out.

Shirley Jackson: Savvy completed her Farm Dog Certification in August. At the K9 Stars Barn Hunt Trial Savvy earned her second Masters leg with a First place and second High in Class in Crazy 8s. At the Barn Hunt Nationals in McKinney she qualified in the top 50 and placed 38th. In Hurdles she placed 14th. At Agility trial in Midland Savvy earned her Novice Jumpers title with a First place. At the K9 Stars Barn Hunt trial Creed earned his Novice title with a First and a Third place. At the K9 Stars Barn Hunt trial Megs earned Second place for her sec-ond leg in Open. And she and her handler, Gary, received the Judge’s Award.

D’Nae Wilson: Zippo (GCH Fiva’s Zokrates) took Best of Breed both days of the Rio Pecos Kennel Club show, topping it off with a Working Group 3 on Sunday under Ms. Sharol Candace Way.

Cathy Smith: This is Roundabout Sweeps All At Scripts, aka Dyson. At 7 months old he went Best of Winners and Best of Variety over a special for a total of 4 points at his first shows in Amarillo. Thanks to Vernon Brown for showing him.

Joann Neal: I spent the last month showing Fanny in Conformation. She reached the pinnacle with an all-breed Best In Show at the Panhandle Kennel Club show in Amarillo. She also added 10 Best of Variety wins, two Group Firsts, a Group Second, a Group 3rd, and two Group 4ths in Cheyenne WY, Elk City, OK, Amarillo, and Belton.

Liz Brandt and Michael Felker: Bryn (GCH CH Tipping Point's Brynhildr CGC TKN FDC), like her uncle Tyr, has been awarded the new AKC Achiever Dog title.

Teresa Janssen: At Midland, Lager got a QQ, two FAST Qs, a Premier Standard Q, a T2B Q, and a single JWW and Standard Q. All his Qs were First places. At Albuquerque, Lager racked up two QQs, two T2B Qs, one FAST Q and a single Standard Q. Six of his Qs were First places and the other two were Second places.

Ken Williams: In Midland Ellie qualified 5 out of 8 runs with one QQ and five First Places, and finished her MXP2 and MJP2 titles. Bo had nine Qs including two QQs, two Premier Standard Qs in the top 25% and five First Places.

Margaret Freeman: In Albuquerque, Breagh earned her fourth T2B Q.

Bonnie Brooks: Jesse qualified with First place in 8 out of 8 runs at our first ASCA Agility trial to earn titles in both Jumpers and Standard.

Kate and Derek Johnson: In her Rally debut at Midland, Frankie qualified every day and earned her Rally Novice title. Lucy, at 12 months old, was shown four days for WB/BOW, WB and RWB. Mick was shown three days and earned a RWD and a WD/BOW. Translations: WB = Winners Bitch; BOW = Best of Win-ners; RWB = Reserve Winners Bitch; WD = Winners Dog; RWD = Reserve Winners Dog;.

Dana Brown: At the Farm Dog Certification test held on August 25th at Lynn and Jim Gregory's Caprock Leos farm, Gibbs, Racy, and Smooch all earned their Farm Dog Certificates. Thank you to our judges Kathy Harth and Cathy Jacobs, and a big thank you to Lynn and Jim for allowing us to move in on them for training and testing.

Kaylea Talbot: Ipsy and I earned our Farm Dog Certification title in August.

Michael Felker: Domi and Bryn completed their Farm Dog Certification titles in August. This is Domi's first title, so we're extra proud of her.

Regina Edwards: Zippy and Zorry received their Farm Dog Certifications in August. At the Nosework trials in Wichita Falls Rio earned three new titles. His Scent Interior Nov-ice or SIN title to complete all his Novice elements, and earned him his SWN title as well, Rio also earned his SCNE title or Scent Work Container Novice Elite (10 Qs in the Container class). In Levelland, Rio earned a leg in Master FAST and received one QQQ and three QQs.

Ruth Ann Parsley: Rosie earned her Scent Work Novice (SWN) title in Wichita Falls in August. To earn the SWN title, you must have earned your novice titles for all four of the scent work elements, which are Container, Interior, Exterior and Buried. Rosie accomplished this in just two weekends of trialing.

Judy Flagle: Indy qualified in 7 of 7 runs in Nose Work in the trial held in Wichita Falls in Au-gust. He earned titles in Nov A Container, Nov A Interior with one Second place, and Nov A Exte-rior with a First and Second place.

Teresa Janssen: At Levelland, Lager completed his MACH3 on the first day with his final QQ, in addition to a FAST Q and a Premier Standard Q. The rest of the weekend Lager scored two more JWW Qs, three more FAST Qs, three T2B Qs and another Premier Standard Q.

Margaret Freeman: At our Levelland trial, Breagh earned two legs in T2B with 9 and 8 points respec-tively, and took a First place in Open Standard. This was her third time in competition

Joe Harth: Hobbes debuted at the CPKC/SPOTC trial in Levelland with four Qs.

Kathy Harth: At our Levelland trial, after nearly 9 months of rest and rehab, Scout completed his Open Jumpers title and secured two legs in Excellent FAST. Calvin debuted in the same trial, and taught me a few lessons along the way. He did end up with one Q for the weekend.

Dana Brown: At the recent SPOTC / CPKC trial in Levelland Smooch qualified in a T2B run and Racy qualified for three T2B runs. Racy also earned a few more PACH points in JWW with Dana handling while Vernon was sidelined following cataract surgery. Out on the west coast, Irongate's Butterfly Kisses, "Piper" a Gibbs sister, earned her Championship, becoming Smooch's third Champion baby. She was owner handled for all except her Majors.

Ken Williams: Our Agility Marathon was completed (4 weekends in a row) in Levelland. Ellie, Bo and I were all tired. Ellie had fun with two Qs. Bo finished with triple Qs on Thursday and Friday and a QQ on Sunday and a total of 10 Qs for the trial. Before that we were in Houston. Ellie had two QQs with 7 total Qs. Bo earned two QQs with 8 Qs, including two of those in Premier Standard in the top 25%.

Cheryl Birdwell: Ruby jumped in the 16" Preferred class at our trial for the first time, and it did seem to be a good fit for her. She got her first Q in Excellent FAST and a QQ on the last day, along with assorted single Qs. Sky also QQsd on the last day.

Joann Neal: At SPOTCs August Agility trials Tush earned two QQQs and other qualifying runs. Shaq earned two QQs along with other qualifiers and a First in T2B. He finished his MX and MXJ titles. Doozie finished her MXJ and got an AX leg. In the AKC Conformation Breed rankings through the end of July, Fanny had moved up to #2 Miniature poodle in both breed and all-breed rankings.

Jodi Pritchard: Introducing Trilogy Count it all Joy, Joy.

Teresa Janssen: Introducing the new baby Schnauzer to the Janssen family Southcross Original Dream Team aka Barkley. This will be the first girl Schnauzer for me. It's going to be interesting.

Cheryl Nichols: Introducing Dottie Pepper, my new puppy. She's a 13-week-old bi-black Sheltie.

Liz Brandt and Mike Felker: Tyr, SPOTC's very own Leonberger, has been awarded both a Leonberger Versatility Advanced title and a Leonberger Versatility Excellent title by the Leonberger Club of America. In addition, AKC sent him an Achiever Dog certificate. Tyr, Liz, and Mike love and appreciate all our friends who helped Tyr gather that string of let-ters.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey recently earned her THD which is a therapy dog title from AKC that requires 50 visits.

Cheryl Birdwell: Sky earned her PACH 5 at Belton in mid-July. She also finished the AKC titling period that ended June 30 as the #1 Preferred German Shepherd in the country. This means that she is invited to compete in the AKC Agility Invitational in Florida in December. We are very proud of her!

Patti May: Wile E got a Jump-ers "Q" in Ruidoso in the unbe-lievable heat at an outdoor trial!

Ken Williams: Bo and Ellie competed in their first ASCA trial in Midland in July. Bo Q'd 10 of 11 runs with five First places. Ellie Q'd 6 of 8 runs, all with First places.

Joann Neal: I took Miniature Poodle Fanny on the TX-OK show circuit, showing in 23 shows (including 5 spe-cialty shows) in 26 days. She got 23 straight Best of Breed/Variety wins, including 1 Reserve Best in Show, 3 Group Firsts (including the prestigious Houston Kennel Club show), 2 Group Seconds, 2 Group Thirds, 1 Group Fourth, and a Specialty Best in Show. In Owner-Handled competition, she had 4 Best in Shows, 1 Reserve BIS, 9 Group Firsts, and 3 Group Seconds. She appeared on live streaming in Group and Best in Show at the HKC. Three of my dogs received invitations to the AKC Obedience Classic in Orlando: Tush in Open and Utility, Shaq in Open, and Doozie in Novice. This is based on scores the dogs earned in competition in the past year.

Regina Edwards: At the Oklahoma City Summer Olympics Nose-work trial Rio earned a new title: Scent Handler Discrimination Novice or SHDN. He also earned his eighth leg in Novice Container Elite, a leg in Con-tainer Advanced, his second leg in Interior Novice, and a first leg in Exterior Advanced

Shirley Jackson: At the North Texas Barn Hunt trials in Oklahoma City, Savvy finished her Senior title with a First place and High in Class. She went on to get her first leg in Masters with a First place. Creed's first time to trial resulted in an Instinct title and his first leg in Novice with a Sec-ond place.

Lyn Gregory: On June 23rd. several members assembled at our farm to hold a Farm Dog Certification Test. Everyone passed, and we all have our Farm Dog Certifications now. Thanks go to our judges, Dana Brown and Kathy Jacobs.

Critterfest this year was a four-day event held at the Science Spectrum. Several SPOTC members participated , both in Obedience and Agility demonstrations, and in the Meet the Breeds presentations and interaction with spectators. We had loads of fun! Many thanks to all those who took part, and very special thanks to Sherell Guichard-Thomas, who arranged and coordinated this event so perfectly (as always), as well as participated in the events. A separate montage follows to celebrate the Scent Work demonstration performed by our members on the Sunday.

A fascinating aspect of dog training was demonstrated at Critterfest this year by two of our members, accompanied by their mentor, Mary Femniak, who came down from Amarillo to help. Mary dressed up like a burglar and pretended to steal something, then hide it in one of the 8 pieces of luggage that were positioned around the room. She then hid behind a curtain at the side of the room. Ruth Ann Parsley's American Staffordshire Terrier, Rosie, then quickly scented the stolen items and identified the correct luggage. Meanwhile, Randy Shipp's Bouvier des Flandres, Ziva, located Mary in her hiding place and she was duly apprehended. This demo was not only practical and very informative, but also highly entertaining. Mary played the role of the burglar to perfection, and Ruth Ann and Randy were the perfect handlers, allowing their dogs to do their jobs with no prodding at all. It was most impressive.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey earned her Excellent Jumpers Preferred title in Midland, and picked up her first leg in Excellent Standard. She now has enough points for her ABDFC (American Bouvier des Flandres Club) Versatility Grand Championship title.

Dana Brown: Racy and Smooch each earned several Qs in Midland including double Qs for both girls, and Racy earned her MJPB title (Master Jumpers Preferred Bronze). Dana Brown judged her first Farm Dog Certification Test at Jim and Lynn Gregory's farm. There were 10 en-trants and all 10 passed both tests and earned their FDC titles.

Regina Edwards: In Amarillo, Zippy earned his MX title and got 2 QQs and two Time2Beat legs. In Midland he earned a QQ and a Time2Beat leg. Rio earned two QQs in Midland and earned his Farm Dog certification at the testing at Lyn Gregory�s farm.

Teresa Janssen: Teresa Janssen: At the Midland trial Lager earned a QQQ on the first day, a STD Q and FAST Q on the second day, and the third day a T2B Q and a QQ in Premier. Every Q that weekend was a First place. At Albuquerque Lager got a T2B Q and a Premier JWW Q on the first day. He earned a QQQQQ on the second day, and another QQ and T2B Q on the third day..

Mary Lou Vardy: Bliss earned a QQ in Albuquerque. She also earned two FAST Qs and a Standard Q.

Derek and Kate Johnson: Derek: At the SPOTC trial, Zumba earned her Novice FAST title with a First place, Tommie took First in Jump-ers, and LeighRoy, for her debut, earned a First in Novice FAST, two Firsts in Novice Standard and a First and a Second in Novice Jumpers. In Amarillo LeighRoy finished her Novice Standard, Novice Jumpers, and Novice FAST titles. Zumba finished her Novice Jumpers title and earned a FAST leg. Tommie finished her Novice Jumpers Preferred title, the final title that her sire, Baker, needed for his USASA HOFX Sire. Only 16 dogs have this prestigious award. In Midland, LeighRoy earned two FAST legs and a Jumpers leg, and Tommie earned a leg in Jumpers. Kate: At the Abilene AKC show Finn earned 9 points (1 major) towards his GCH with three selects, one Best Of Breed, and an Owner Handled Group 4. Mick was Reserve Winners Dog twice and Winners Dog once - he now has 9 points (1 major).

Joann Neal: Fanny won her Bronze Grand Championship, and moved to #5 Miniature Poodle in AKC breed competition.

Georgann Weisgerber: At the Heart of Texas Dog Sports USDAA Agility Trial in Belton, Willow ran 4 for 4 on Friday. For the weekend she qualified 7 out of 10 runs, all in First place. These included two Snooker Qs, three Standard Qs, and one Q each in Gamblers and Jumpers. At the UKI Agility Trial in Addison, Willow earned 12 points in Speedstakes with two First place Qualifying runs.

Gayle DeHaas: Ziggy is now GCHS Always Quantum Leap. She needed only 5 points before the OKC shows for her Silver Grand Champion and accomplished that, going Best Of Opposite Sex two of the three days and SB on the third day.

Kaylea Talbot: Ipsy and I earned our IPO BH title, our very first title, in Albuquerque, NM in April. IPO is a protection dog sport that includes 3 parts (protection, obedience, & tracking) and the BH is an obedience/temperament test that is the first stage/title in the sport of IPO.

Ruth Ann Parsley: We went to our first Scent Work trial in Norman, OK the beginning of May. Rosie Q�d in 10 out of 12 runs, for her Exte-rior Novice and Container Novice titles, plus two legs each in Interior and Buried, and was High in Trial on Friday.

Cheryl Birdwell: Sky got three QQs at our trial and two QQs at the Amarillo trial. Ruby Q�d in 6 out of 11 runs at our trial, but she struggled in Amarillo.

Mary Lou Vardy: Bliss earned her second QQ at the AOTC trial.

Jodi Pritchard: Lizzy went 3 for 6 at our trial and 2 for 6 in Amarillo.

Tim Sampson: Kodi was 5/6 for our two days in Ama-rillo. He ran his first sub-40 sec. JWW in a long while and a 30-sec. flat Master FAST with 75 points. We are happy to be running a couple of days here and there and having a good time with each other and our friends.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey earned her CGCA (Community Canine) title on Tuesday, 5/29/18.

Regina Edwards: The weekend of our Agility trial, I went to a Scent work trial in Norman, OK. Rio earned his Scent Buried Novice title and his Scent Exterior Novice title along with a leg each in Buried Advanced, Handler Dis-crimination and Novice Interior. He also earned three straight legs for his Container Novice Elite title (10 are required for that title) and he now has 6. In Agility, Rio earned three QQs in Amarillo, one for each day of the trial.

Dana Brown: Ch. Irongate's Racy Tracy "Racy" finished the year as the #5 Preferred Agility Doberman. At the Amarillo show, Racy finished first in every class where she qualified.Ch. Irongate's Kisses In The Wind, "Smooch" can now add Trick Dog Performer to her list of titles. In Abi-lene she earned a 97 in Rally Advanced and placed Second in a large Novice B class.

Teresa Janssen: At the SPOTC trial Lager got a QQ, two First places in FAST, and finished his T2B4 title. He also picked up a Premier Standard Q. At the Dentex trial in Ft. Worth, Lager picked up another QQ, two First places in T2B, and two more FAST Qs. At the Amarillo trial, Lager got another QQ, three First places in FAST, and two Qs in T2B.

Coye McCleskey: Mia had a good time in Amarillo during the Memorial Day trial, and she got another QQ.

Margaret Freeman: Breagh (Wildblue Tartan Dyna-mo) debuted at our trial in May and lived up to her reg-istered name with her first Q at less than half the SCT (standard course time) and a First place in Novice Standard. In Amarillo, she earned a First and a Sec-ond place in Standard to complete her Novice title, and in the very last class on the very last day, she took First Place for her first Q in Novice Jumpers.

Bonnie Brooks: At our trial, Jesse Jet com-pleted his Excellent Standard Preferred title with a First place.

Nancy Lewis: 9-month-old Score earned both her Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.

Kathy Neeper: Cashmere's Copper Treasure, aka Copper earned his first title, Novice Trick (TKN).

Joann Neal: Doozie finished her Companion Dog Obedience title at the poodle Nationals, and followed with two more qualifying scores in Albuquerque: 198.5 on Friday and 199 on Sunday. On Sunday she was High In Trial. In Agility, Tush got a QQ at Nationals, a QQQ in Lubbock, and a QQQ in Amarillo. Shaq and Doozie got various MX and MXJ legs and placements. Fanny won the Breed Variety in 9 out of the 10 shows including two specialties, and had two regular Group Thirds and an Owner-Handled Reserve Best In Show. Eight of the shows had major entries.

Gayle deHaas: Nick earned a Trick Dog Novice title along with BN and RN titles. Ziggy was BOB at the Denton shows, BOS at the Monroe shows and Abilene shows, BOS once and SB once at the Grey Summit shows and BOS twice and SB twice at the Wichita shows. She should have 192 CGH points now. Through the end of April, she was ranked 6th in GCH points for Standard Schnau-zers. Max Qd 4 times at the Midlothian Fast CAT trials, averaging just over 27 MPH. He needs just un-der 42 more points for his title. He was currently tied for 41st in the all-American breed standings at the end of April.

Our hearts go out to Regina Edwards on the loss of Ziva, her Collie.

Marian and Rick McGuire: In February, Sunni earned her Senior Barn Hunt title in McKinney. In March, Breeze earned her RATCH Barn Hunt title, also in McKinney. Breeze is the first Golden Retriever in the state of Texas to earn her RATCH.

Phil Marshall: Boy earned two qualifying legs towards his CDX (Open) Obedience title in Mesquite, including a First place in a field of 11 dogs. A huge downpour on the roof and a loud clap of thunder threatened to �dampen� his chances during his retrieves on Saturday, but his hunting/shotgun experience apparently paid off with no reaction to Zeus�s thunder bolts.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: The American Bouvier des Flandres Club year-end statistics have Zoey as the Number 3 Novice Obedience dog. Also, the statistics from Canine Chronicle from January to March 2018 have Cruiser as the Number 3 Chow Chow in breed points. He also has five Grand Champion points.

Liz Brandt and Mike Felker: At the National Specialty, the Leonberger Club of America awarded Tyr (VL Tyr von Stutensee RA, MJP, NAP, CGC, TKN, LTA) Top Scoring Leo in Agility.

Regina Edwards: At the Wichita Falls trial, Rio went 7 for 8 and QQQ'd the first day and QQ'd the other two days, including in Master FAST. Zippy went 5 for 8 including two legs in T2B and qualified and placed in both JWW and Master Standard.

Teresa Janssen: At the Albuquerque trial Lager Qd 9 of his 12 runs. At the Belton trial, he Qd 11 of his 13 runs, and at the Wichita Falls trial he Qd 10 of his 12 runs. We are starting to do the Premier classes now and he has managed to get 12 Qs in those classes now

Dana Brown: At the recent trial in Wichita Falls, Vernon and Racy Q'd in 5 of their 9 runs. The best news is that she hit every contact and she held every start line stay. Racy is still sitting at #5 Preferred Agility Dober-man. Smooch and Dana also teamed up for 5 Qs in 9 runs, including one QQ.

Kate and Derek Johnston: At the Fort Worth AKC show, on Friday at the Specialty, Finn was Winners Dog/Best Of Winners for a 5 point Major to finish his championship. On Saturday Finn was BOH and won a Group 4 in the Owner Handler group. Our new co-owned puppy bitch, Lennon, had her ring debut and was Best Puppy in Sweeps.

Gayle de Haas: Ziggy was BOS all four days in Kansas City and earned 5 GCH points. In Louisville, she was BOS three days and SB one day and earned 11 GCH points. In Fort Worth, she was BOS and SB for 4 more GCH points. She was BOS for 5 days in Claremore.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey went to the Fort Worth shows and earned her first leg in Open A with a Second place. At the Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club trials she earned her second and third legs in Open A and placed First and Second in her class. She is now Zoey CDX! Hooray!

Joann Neal: At the Fort Worth KC Obedience trials, Doozie earned her first two legs toward her CD with two First places and scores of 196.5 and 198.5.

Teresa Janssen: At the WAG trial in Belton, Lager got a QQ one day and another JWW Q the other day. At the SWAT trial in Albuquerque, Lager got his 20th QQ to complete his MACH2. He had an awesome weekend, earning another QQ toward his next MACH, a Premier JWW Q, two T2B Qs and a Master FAST Q. At the CDTCA trial in Belton, Lager got 2 more QQs, a single Std Q, and a Master FAST Q.

D'Nae Wilson: Zippo finished his Grand Championship in style at the Hobbs New Mexico Kennel Club Show, taking Best of Breed for 5 point majors on both days. Then, as an unbelievable bonus to an already great weekend, he took a Working Group 2 on Saturday and a Group 1 on Sunday. All owner-handled.

Joann Neal: Tush earned her Tracking Dog Excellent Title in El Paso. She was one of two dogs in the test to pass. At the SPOTC Obedience trial: Tush earned a Utility B First Place for 6 OTCH points. Shaq qualified in both his tries in Open B to complete his Companion Dog Excellent Title with class placements. Doozie earned her Beginner Novice Title with scores of 198, 198.5, and 199 for three First Places. Fanny took two Best of Variety and two Group Thirds at the Hobbs KC Shows. At the West Texas KC show in Midland, she earned a Best of Variety win. Shaq was 4 for 6 and got his first QQ at the Clovis Agility trials. He was in the placements with each Q and earned 83 MACH points for the weekend

Kathy Neeper: Halo received three First places in Masters, Advanced and Excellent Rally for total points of 280, qualifying her for the Rally High Combined and Triple High Combined at SPOTC Obedience Trial on Feb 23. It, as always, is an awesome trial.

Laura Smith: I showed Frenzy in Novice B Friday and Saturday at our Obedience trial. She qualified both days and placed Third on Saturday

Sarah Oden: Crowley qualified two of three days at our Obedience trial, in the Beginner Novice class.

JoAnn Phillips: Lambchop went 3 for 3 at our Obedience trial in Novice B, earning her CD title.

Nancy Neill: February was a busy month for us. Lucy received two RWB in Hobbs, NM, and two BOB and a Group 4 in owner handler group in Midland. At our Obedience trial, Lucy qualified with 188 and 184 for her first two legs in Beginner Novice.

Kate and Derek Johnson: In Hobbs, Finn was WD/BOW/BOH and Owner Handler Group One for a three point major on Saturday and WD/BOW/BOS over Specials for two pts on Sunday. He now has 10 points, both majors. The following weekend he was RWD both days in Austin. In Midland, Mick was WD for two points on Saturday and RWD on Sunday. He now has 8 points, one major. At the Clovis Agility trial, Derek and Tommie earned a leg toward her Novice Standard title.

Dana Brown: At our Obedience trial, Smooch earned her CD in 3 straight shows going High Scoring Doberman and High Scoring Working Dog on Saturday and winning her class with a score of 197 on Sunday. She also earned her Rally Intermediate with scores of one 99 and two 100s. At the Clovis Agility trial, Racy earned another QQ and about 60 PACH points.

Regina Edwards: At the Clovis Agility trial. Rio earned both his T2B2 title and his 7th Master FAST leg, along with several placements in Master JWW and STD. Zippy earned legs 7 and 8 towards his MX title and 54 MACH points. He also earned his MJB title (Master Jumpers Bronze).

Teresa Janssen: At the OPAC trial in Andrews, Lager got a QQ, a single Std Q & a single JWW Q, plus a Premier Std Q, and a Master FAST Q. At the CPKC trial in Clovis Lager had an amazing weekend. He Q'd 12 of his 13 runs. He amassed 3 QQs, 3 T2B Qs, a FAST Q, and a Premier Std and JWW Q. Luckily, he wasn't as tired as I was at the end of the weekend!

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Cruiser made his Conformation debut at the Atlanta shows and at 9 months old he earned four 5 point majors and one 4 point major that included 3 BOB and 1 BOS. One of the BOBs and the BOS win were at the 2 Atlanta Chow Specialties. He is now BISS CH Dreamland's Cruising the Boulevard! Mike Brantley did a wonderful job with him.

Gayle deHaas: Ziggy (GCHB Always Quantum Leap) earned her Bronze Grand Championship in Corpus Christi going BOS. She earned 14 more GCH points at the Alexandria KC shows.

Lynn Gregory: At the Hobbs show, Addielou won Select Bitch on both Saturday and Sunday. At the same show, two other Leonbergers also bred by me had a total of five successes, including two Winners Bitch, two Reserve Winners Bitch, and one Best of Opposite.

Kate and Derek Johnson: At the Glen Rose Conformation show Finn won a 4 point major and went on to an owner-handler Group 3. At an ASCA show in Addison, Finn won a 5 point major, Mick won a big BOB over the No.1 dog in the country, and Arden earned one A-BOB and two A-BOS wins. In Agility at the ASCA show, Tommie earned her first RS-N leg, and Birdie earned two JS-E legs and an RS-E leg.

Joann Neal: At Obedience trials in El Paso, Shaq earned two legs towards his CDX with class placements in the Open B Class. Tush won the Open B Class three days for 6 OTCH points and two High In Trials. At the Tracking Club of El Paso�s Tracking Dog Test Jan 28, Doozie passed finished her TD Title.

Mike Felker and Liz Brandt: Tyr earned his Leonberger Therapy Award (LTA) from the Leonberger Club of America. That makes him eligible for the Versatile Leonberger Advanced title (15 points in at least three events) as soon as we can submit the LCA certificate along with his AKC title form.

Dana Brown: At the K9 Star Barn Hunt we earned a total of five titles and two High In Class Awards. Wicca earned her Instinct title and a leg on her Novice title. Gibbs earned all three legs of his Open title and a first leg on his Senior title with a couple of seconds, a third, a first and a High In Class. Racy finished her Open title and earned her Senior title with two Thirds, a Second and a First place. Smooch finished her Senior title and earned two legs toward her Master title with a Third, a Second, two Firsts, and a High In Class. Additionally, Smooch earned 130 points in Crazy 8s and was in a three-way run-off for High In Class which she lost by less than 2 seconds.

Shirley Jackson: At the K9 Star Barn Hunt trial in Plainview, Savvy finished her Open title with a Second place, missing first place by one second. She also earned a Second place for her first leg in Senior and a First place with High in Class for her second Senior leg.

Tim Sampson: Tiger and Kodi both completed RATO titles in Plainview.

Judy Flagle: At the Barn Hunt in Plainview Indy qualified in 7 of his 9 runs with three Crazy 8 legs for a total of 180 points He took two High in Medium Dog class, winning two runoffs. He also earned straight Senior legs, all with First place finishes in medium dogs. He is now in the Master Barn Class with a Second place against some really good dogs.

Regina Edwards: Ziva earned all three of her Trick Dog titles.Rio earned two First places towards his Master Barn Hunt title with High in Class. He also won Small Dog Crazy 7s class both days. Zippy earned his Open Barn Hunt title with a First place .

Teresa Janssen: At the AKC Agility Invitational, Lager had four amazing qualifying runs out of five. The 12" class had over 130 dogs in it, and Lager finished 4th in T2B, 14th in JWW, 13th in Hybrid, and 22nd in JWW.

Dana Brown: Since we reported last on our girls, Smooch has earned about 40 MACH points and 29 T2B points with some nice runs. Racy has earned 102 PACH points with two QQs and four First place finishes in T2B. 2017 was a great year and we look forward to an awesome 2018, running agility with all our friends.

Joann Neal: At Breed shows in Dallas, I finished the brown puppy �Twig� (CH Sandstorm Shenanigans) from my last litter, and put a major on her littermate �Rizzo� (Sandstorm Smooth Move). Rizzo just needs one point before the litter of three will be finished. My puppy, Fanny, won the Variety two days. At Agility trials in Belton, Tush got a Double Q, Doozie got a couple of MXJ legs, and Shaq got an MXJ leg and a T2B leg.

Regina Edwards: At the DenTex trial in McKinney, Rio earned two QQs and two Firsts in Master FAST, along with his MXS (Master Silver Standard) title (50 Qs in the Standard class). In Wichita Falls, Rio took two First places in each of T2B and Master FAST, along with several placements in Standard and JWW. In both DenTex and Wichita Falls, Zippy got a QQ and earned several placements in JWW and Standard. Zippy, Zorry and Bree-z earned their TKP Trick Dog titles.

Shirley Jackson: Megs received her Open Standard title DenTex trial in McKinney with a First place.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey is still the #1 Novice Bouvier in Obedience.

Gayle DeHaas: Ziggy (GCH Always Quantum Leap) will finish 2017 in the top 20 Grand Champion Points for Standard Schnauzers with 98 points, top 40 breed and top 40 all breed. She finished her CH in March and her GCH in April competing against the top Standard Schnauzers in the country. She completed the year with 10 BOBs and a Group 4.

Teresa Janssen: At the SPOTC trial Lager got three Std Qs, one JWW Q, three T2B Qs, and one FAST Q. At the DAWG trial in Denton, Lager got two Std Qs, three JWW Qs, three T2B Qs and two FAST Qs. This completed his T2B3 title. At the Albuquerque trial, Lager QQQQ'd the first day and QQQd the second day. My big brag for Radar is a notification letter from AKC that he was the 2016 Top Preferred Miniature Schnauzer in Agility. He will be honored at the banquet in Orlando in two weeks. Luckily, I will already be in Orlando competing with Lager in the 2017 AKC Agility Invitational.

Joann Neal: At Agility trials in Lubbock and Las Cruces, Shaq picked up three MX legs, two MXJ legs, and two T2B legs. Doozie got two MXJ legs.Doozie also received certification to enter a Tracking Dog test. To do this the dog has to successfully complete a track laid by an AKC tracking judge of equal length and complexity to a TD test.In breed Shows in Chickasha OK, puppy Fanny won a Best of Variety over the No.1 miniature poodle, and followed with a Group 3rd. Fanny received a certificate from AKC that she was the #3 Mini Poodle in the Owner-Handled competition for 2017, which is pretty good since she was only old enough to show for 3 months of the qualifying period. Speedy was again invited to compete at Westminster Kennel Club�s Obedience competition.

Cheryl Birdwell: Cheryl Birdwell: Ruby finished her T2B title in Agility at the SPOTC trial. Sky completed her Utility Dog title in Obediencein San Angelo at the first of the month, and then she finished her PACH4 title at the SPOTC Agility trial the next weekend.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey earned an Open Standard Preferred leg at our November trial and a First place. Also, we went to the two Carting trials for the Rottweiler Club of New Mexico on 11-04-17 and earned two more legs toward her ABdFC Master Draft Dog Excellent title. She placed Second and Third and was just one point out of High in Trial at the second trial. She is now half way to a ABdFC Draft Dog Championship title.

Debbie Copeland: Pip finished First to complete her Excellent Standard title. She also received a First and Second place toward her Excellent Jumpers title.

Kathy Harth: Scout finished his Open FAST title at our November trial. Calvin (CH Calico's Forever in Blue Jeans) finished his AKC Conformation Championship in fine style with back to back majors and a Best of Opposite Sex at the San Angelo show in November. Shown here is Calvin (R) with his sister Star, who took Best of Breed and Calvin as Best of Opposite Sex.

Coye McCleskey: Mia earned her Excellent Standard title at our November trial.

Laura Smith: Dealer earned his first Open Standard leg and his second Novice JWW leg at our trial. Frenzy made her agility debut and had fun..

Sarah Oden: Crowley got a Q (first for both of us) and a First place in Novice FAST on Saturday at our trial.

Regina Edwards: At our Agility trial, Rio got a QQ with several placements and 72 points. He also qualified each day in T2B with First Places each day. In Norman, Oklahoma at the OCOTC's Nose Work trial he earned his SCN (Scent Container Novice) title with a Second and Fourth place, his first time in this event. He also got two legs in the Buried Class with a Second and a Fourth place. Zippy also got a QQ at our trial and earned 59 points and several placements.

Phil Marshall: Boy (CH Starstone Red Oak Boy Howdy CD JH RN CGC) was just ranked No.3 Vizsla in Novice Obedience nation-wide.

D'Nae Wilson: Wildering's Too Hot For You (Cinder) finished her AKC Championship with a 5 Point major in Pueblo, Colorado. Fiva's Zokrates (Zippo) went Select Dog three straight days in Pueblo, for three 5 point majors toward his Grand Championship.

Joann Neal: I put on several different hats in October. Here's what the miniature poodles have been doing:At the AOTC Amarillo Agility trials, Shaq finished his Agility Excellent Title. At the OPAC Andrews Agility trials, Doozie finished her Agility Excellent Jumpers Title. Tush also got a Triple Q. (Ed. note: Sorry no agility pics available for Doozie). At Breed shows in Belton, Fanny finished her Grand Champion Title at 9 months of age. At Obedience trials in Truth or Consequences, NM, Tush won the Utility B Class one day, and the Open B Class one day for 6 OTCH points. She also won the High Combined Award 2 days for her first 2 UDX legs.

D'Nae Wilson: Venture finished her AKC Championship at the Travis County Kennel Club Show in Austin. She is now CH TippingPoint's Adventure RN NAP CGC TKN.

Ken Williams: We did it! Amarillo, Oct 7, 2017. MACH Breezy Oaks Ken's Mister Bojangles MXB MJB MXF TQX T2B CGC

Cheryl Nichols: Sheltie Sinbad finished his Novice Standard title at the Amarillo trial with a score of 100 and First place. He also earned a First place in Novice JWW with a clean run. He was handled to both wins by Terry Hetzel.

Teresa Janssen: At the AOTC trial Lager Qd 7 of his 10 runs with six First places and one Fourth place. At the OPAC trial in Andrews, Lager got two QQs, two Master FAST Qs, a Premier JWW Q, and an additional Master Standard Q with five First places, a Second place and two Third places.

Cheryl Birdwell: Sky was six for six at Andrews with three QQs. She also has been designated the Number 2 Preferred German Shepherd in the U.S. in Agility.

Liz Brandt: Tyr earned his Novice Preferred Standard title at the Amarillo trial with a perfect run; he even does the teeter for fun at home -- who would have guessed.

Shirley Jackson: Megs received her Open Jumpers title with a First place at the OPAC trials in Andrews.

Dana Brown: Smooch and Racy both earned a few MACH points and Qs at the recent trial in Andrews. The big news, however, is that Smooch's son Tex "Malevil's Stars Over Texas" took his first Major on 10/29 in Austin.

Jodi Pritchard: In Andrews Liz and I had two Qs: a Second Place in Master JWW, and a Third Place in Master STD.

Regina Edwards: At the AOTC trial in Amarillo, Rio earned First place in Excellent FAST along with a QQ and 65 points. Also at AOTC, Zorry got a First place in Master JWW. At the OPAC trial in Andrews, Rio finished his Excellent FAST title with a First place, and earned a First place in Master FAST. Zippy earned a Second place in Master Standard and also took two First places in Master JWW, including beating Rio, who got Second place.

Teresa Janssen: At the Midland trial, Lager got his tenth QQQ to complete his TQX title. He also got another Std Q, a Premier JWW Q, and Master FAST Q. At the Albuquerque trial, Lager got two QQs, a T2B Q and a Master FAST Q with four First places and two Second places.

Mary Lou Vardy: Bliss earned a Master JWW leg, three T2B legs, and her first QQ under the handling of Teresa.

Patti May: Wile E has finished Open Jumpers and Excel-lent Standard. Like the Jeffersons we are moving on up.

Shirley Jackson: At the Desert Paws trial in Midland, Megs had two First place runs in Open JWW.

Dana Brown We went to Taylor, TX, this past weekend to attend our first International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA) show. Wicca went in the ring 22 times over the two days of the show. She earned two Puppy Bred by Ex-hibitor (BBX) Group 2s, a Puppy BBX Group 1, and two regular Puppy Group 2s. These wins earned her the fol-lowing puppy titles: International Jr. Ch., National Jr. Ch., and Honors Jr. Champion. Her name is now, Intl/Nat/Hnr Jr Ch Malevil's God Blessed Texas!! IABCA - Not to be outdone, Gibbs went in the ring 26 times over the two days. In the regular competition he earned two Group 2s, a Group 1, and a Reserve Best In Show. In the Bred By Exhibitor competition he earned two BBX Group 2s, two BBX Gp 1s, a Reserve BIS and to top it all off a BEST IN SHOW. He is now AKC/Intl Ch. Irongate's Kissed By Scan-dal v. Malevil RATI RATN

Miniature poodle Tush in Obedience got 2 Utility legs in Elk City, OK, finishing her Utility title with a First and a Second place in the Utility B class. Her first was also good for a High In Trial when she won a run-off. The following week in Amarillo, she won the Utility B class again for 6 OTCH (Obed. Trial CH) points. In Elk City miniature poodle puppy Fanny won Best of Variety the two days that I showed her, and won all 4 days in Amarillo, finishing with a Group 4th, 2 owner-handled Group 1sts, and an owner-handled Re-serve Best In Show. She is only 8 months old.

Liz Brandt: Tyr went three for three in Amarillo, earning his Rally Advanced title with two Firsts and a Second.

D'Nae Wilson: Venture (TippingPoint's Adventure) finished her Rally Novice title and earned two legs toward her Rally Ad-vanced at the Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas Obedience Trial. She also recently earned her Trick Dog Novice title. Cinder (Wildering's Too Hot For You) came from the classes to earn a Best of Breed over some very nice specials on Saturday of the Rio Pecos Kennel Club Show.

Laura Smith: Frenzy finished two Obedience titles at the Panhandle Kennel Club shows in Amarillo. She finished her Beginner Novice title on Thursday and then went three for three to complete her Novice Obedience title.

Regina Edwards: Zorry finished both his PCD (Pre-Novice) and CD (Novice) Obedience titles at the Panhandle KC shows, and received several placements.

Sherhonda Ginn: Turco completed puppy class and we will start Household manners class next. Thank you Cheryl Nichols for all your help!

Teresa Janssen: At our trial I was grateful to be able to run again. I had only been out of the knee brace for two days after breaking my patella in June. Lager and I managed to Q all four days in JWW.At the Red Dirt trial in OKC, Lager won the Master FAST class both days, won the T2B class 2 different days, and got three JWW Qs and one Standard Q.

Kathy Harth: At our Levelland trial, Scout received two legs in Open Jumpers and one in Open Standard. He now has two legs each in FAST and Jumpers, and one in Standard, all at the Open level.

Margaret Freeman: In Levelland, Barley took a Second place in Master Jumpers Preferred at 16 seconds under course time. Barley turned 11 years old the week following the trial, and has now retired from competition to enjoy playing at home at a more relaxed pace. Toby will be taking it easy for a while, having injured his left hind ACL apparently sprained, not torn,. He's disappointed to not be allowed to jump, but is cooperative. Prognosis is very good.

Dana Brown: This has been a good month for Racy as she has earned three new titles. She added MXP, MJP and T2BP to her list of accomplishments in Agility. At the barnhunt in Plainview this past weekend she earned 2 Qs toward her RATO title with a First place and a High In Class. Smooch has been active as well, adding her Excellent FAST title and another leg toward her RATS title. Gibbs attended his first barnhunt and earned his RATI and RATN titles with a Fourth, a Third and a First place and a High In Class.

Regina Edwards: Rio got an Excellent FAST leg in Wichita Falls and numerous Qs and placements. At the Levelland trial, he got two QQs and 89 points. He earned his AKC Trick Dog Performer title, and at the K-9 Star Barn Hunt, he earned his Senior title as well as one Master leg with First places. He is also the only Papillon to have earned a Senior title in Texas, and is the 18th in the US to do so. Zippy got a leg in Open at the K-9 Star Barnhunt with a First place and earned his Trick Dog Advanced title. He has been invited to the AKC Invitational in Obedience in Orlando. Zorry earned his AX title at the Wichita Falls trial with a First place and his Trick Dog Advanced title. Bree-z earned her AKC Trick Dog Advanced title.

Cheryl Nichols: Sheltie Sinbad made his Agility debut at the SPOTC/Clovis-Portales trials in Levelland Aug 5-8th. He qualified in 5 of 6 runs with four First place wins and one Second place, earning his Novice JWW title and two legs toward his Novice Standard title.

Laura Smith: Frenzy earned two Obedience Be-ginner Novice legs at the Houston shows in July. Dealer finished his Novice Standard title at our August Agility trial.

Jodi Pritchard: Lizzy and I had a great start at Levelland and then it turned into a train wreck for a couple of runs � however after a serious talk about us running as a team we had 5 JOLT runs, and then on Sunday a QQ.

Shirley Jackson: Savvy received her Novice title during her first Barn Hunt trial at the K9 Star Barn Hunt event in Plainview over the Labor Day weekend. She also received a First and Second place toward her Open title.

Please keep Teresa in your thoughts on the loss of Beckett, her miniature schnauzer. He was a great little dog that gave Teresa her start in agility.

Barbara Mayfield and Jaden Pigg: Presenting Barbara's Super C Little Deuce Coupe, call name Hot Rod. He was born on April 25th in Dewey, OK, and bred by Cheryl Cramer. Jaden has his brother, Levi. Levi looks just like Hot Rod only bigger. Levis registered AKC name is pending.

Sherhonda Ginn: Introducing my new baby, Elle's Dallas Star aka Turco.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: I have a new Chow Chow pup "Cruiser" - Dreamland's Cruising the Boulevard. He is a little spitfire.

Teresa Janssen: Because of my knee injury, I have been unable to compete with Lager for the last 5 weeks. However my big brag is that he ended up the #5 Miniature Schnauzer in Agility in the nation and is invited to compete at the AKC Invitational Agility competition in Orlando Florida in December!

Dana Brown: This month Smooch and Racy both qualified for the new AKC Trick Dog titles. Racy earned her Trick Dog Novice (TKN) and Smooch earned her TKN, TKI (Trick Dog Intermedi-ate) and TKA (Trick Dog Advanced) titles. As of the end of June, Racy was #3 Preferred Agility Doberman!

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey is the #1 Novice Obedience Bouvier at this time. Zoey has earned enough points to get her Versatile Bouvier Championship (VBCH) and needs only one point to get her Versatile Bouvier Grand Champion-ship. She is my fourth VBCH. Zoey ranked at #17 for the American Bouvier des Flandres Performance Top 20 for 2017. She is my second Bouvier to make the Performance Top 20.

Joann Neal: We attended the summer show circuit in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. Baby Fanny finished her breed championship with four 4-point majors at the age of 6 months, 17 days. I moved her up and showed her a couple of days as a Special, and she got her first Best of Variety win. Her brown littermate also got a 4-point major and a Reserve, and her white sister got five Reserves to majors (always a bridesmaid). I showed Tush in Utility (Obedience) for the first time in Houston. She made good efforts every day, and one day she qualified with a 197.5 and a First Place in a large Utility B class.

Kate and Derek Johnson: At the Dallas AKC shows 13-month-old Mick went Winners Dog/Best Of Winners for a 4 pt major. Mick also recently earned his CGC. Zumba earned her JS-N (Jumpers Standard Novice) title at her second ASCA trial. Birdie earned her JS-E (Jumpers Standard Elite) title.

Sarah Oden: Crowley finished his CGC!

Ruth Ann Parsley: Rosie earned her AKC Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog and Advanced Trick Dog titles on Saturday, July 15th. Great fun with a great bunch of people! Here she is doing her rollover.

Liz Brandt: Tyr, Tango, and Bryn got their Novice Dog Tricks titles on Saturday, July 15th.

Kate and Derek Johnson: Birdie earned her Open Standard title in Midland. At only his third ASCA show, Mick was Winners Dog/Best Of Winners/Best Of Show to finish his ASCA Championship from the 9-12 month class.He's now ASCA CH Goldcrest Polaris Start Me Up!. Arden started the new ASCA calendar year with three Altered Best Of Breed wins. We also learned that she finished last year #15 in Altered, although she was only shown on two weekends.

Regina Edwards: Rio has had a great summer so far. In Midland he took two First places each in both Standard and T2B. In Wichita Falls, he earned two QQs with a First and four Second places, a T2B and an Open FAST title, with First places. At the SWAT trial in Albuquerque, Rio finished his first MACH.

Teresa Janssen: At the Midland trial Lager got two QQs and finished his T2B2 title. He qualified 7 out of his 8 runs. At Wichita Falls Lager got two more QQs and had a great Master FAST run getting all 80 points and winning the class. He qualified 9 of his 11 runs.

Dana Brown: In June Smooch only ran one weekend, but she managed four Qs, finishing her MX title. Racy earned seven Qs including four First places.

Kate and Derek Johnson: At the recent ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) show in New Mexico, Mick was Reserve to 5-pt. Majors twice and also was Winners Dog for both a 5-pt. and a 4-pt. Major. In his first two shows, he has accumulated 13 points, all Majors and all from the 9-12 month class. In his ASCA debut, Finn showed twice and was Reserve Winners Dog to the 4-pt. Major his first time in the ring and Winners Dog/Best of Winners/Best in Show over specials for a 4-pt. Major his second time in the ring. Zumba was Reserve to the 4-pt. Major once and was Winners Bitch for a 4-pt. Major. Arden earned three Best in Show and two Best of Breed wins, giving her enough points (in two weekends shown) to be in the top 20 for the year and to earn a spot at the Invitational at the ASCA Nationals. Sawyer, the little human, showed in peewees all weekend and had a blast. At the SPOTC Agility trial, Derek ran Birdie to earn her Open Jumpers title. At the AOTC trial both Birdie and Tommie earned legs in Open FAST.

Regina Edwards: All five of my dogs earned their AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate titles. Rio, Zippy, Zorry, Bree-z and Ziva earned their titles on May 24th to become the club's first Trick Dog titlists. At the SPOTC Agility trial Rio earned one QQ and three First places in T2B, along with his first Open FAST leg. At the AOTC trial, Rio had two QQs and two T2B legs with First places and 82 MACH points.

Cheryl Birdwell: Cheryl Birdwell: At the AOTC Agility trial Sky qualified in five out of six runs, earning two QQs. Ruby qualified in T2B, but she managed to drop at least one bar in her other runs.

Marcia Bishoff: Rain earned another QQ in Amarillo. Seeker ran for the first time the same weekend and went 4 for 4. He is a joy to run as he is so eager and motivated. I'm looking forward to many more trials with him.

Shirley Jackson: Megs made her Agility debut AOTC trial, placing First in both Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers. Special thanks to Teresa Janssen and Regina Edwards for all their help.

Joann Neal: I have a brag that I didn't even know about from the first day of our SPOTC trials. Today I opened the mail and found an AKC MACH certificate for Tush. I looked back at the results that Sherri sent out after the trials, and sure enough, there was a double Q listed for Tush on Friday. I knew she had passed the Standard course, but I thought she had a refusal on the Jumpers course when she came around the corner at the end and ran to some equipment outside the ring instead of going into the weave poles. I pulled her back and did the poles and the last jump, but thought a refusal had been called. Apparently not! So, no celebratory run with the pole, no MACH pole, no rosette, no picture, and no celebration after. Talk about anticlimactic! I had another MACH like that with Boot years ago when she only needed points. We did a STD run which should have been the points I needed, but according to the posted course time, it wasn't enough. After the show was over, some exhibitors were complaining to the judge that they thought the posted course time was incorrect, as no one had passed due to not making time. The judge refigured the course time, and lo and behold, it was about 20 seconds lower than it should have been. So after it was all over and everybody had gone home, Boot completed her MACH! Also at the SPOTC trial, Tush finished her Master FAST title, and Speedy got a 2Q. At the Obedience trials in Albuquerque, Speedy picked up some OTCH points with an Open B 2nd, and also a leg to-ward his UDX3. Shaq got a First in Novice B with a score of 198.

Teresa Janssen: At the SPOTC trial, Lager got two Std Qs, one JWW Q, and one T2B Q. At the Dentex trial in Ft Worth he earned three Std Qs and one Q in each of T2B and Master FAST. At the Amarillo trial, he earned two Std Qs, one JWW Q, two T2B Qs, and one Master FAST Q.

Dana Brown: At the SPOTC trial Racy earned two Qs including First places in Standard and T2B. Smooch earned two Qs in T2B and one in Jumpers. In Amarillo,Smooch qualified five times with one QQ. Racy earned two Qs as well. Between them they earned three Firsts, two Seconds, one Third and one Fourth place. Thank you to everyone who played with Rio and Wicca.

Coye McCleskey: At our SPOTC trial, Mia earned two Standard and one Jumpers leg, all with First places in her Agility debut. Mia is the daughter of the Browns beautiful Dobie, Racy. In Amarillo, Mia qualified twice in Novice Standard, once in Novice Jumpers, once in Open Jumpers and once in Open Standard along with two Novice Fast Qs, to earn both her Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers titles.

Keep Marcia Bishoff and Gary Carter in your thoughts on the loss of Asher, their Rough Collie.

Kate and Derek Johnson: Ten-month-old Mick (Goldcrest Polaris Start Me Up!) attended his first ASCA show, where he earned Reserve Winners Dog to a major and Winners Dog/ Best Of Winners for a 3 pt major. Arden (AKC/ASCA CH Rainyday's As You Like It ) tried peewees with three-year-old Sawyer, and also had her debut in the Altered ring (first time out since her emergency spay) and took her first Altered-Best Of Breed win.

Gayle DeHaas: Ziggy (GCH Always Quantun Leap)earned her Grand Championship in Wichita, going BOS.

Joann Neal: At the Poodle Nationals, Tush got a QQ in Agility, Speedy won the Open B class of 24 dogs in Obedience with a 198 for 10 more OTCH points, and Shaq finished his Companion Dog (CD) title with a 195.5 -- a very nice run which was good for Third in a big class. This also gives him a VCD1 (Versatile Companion Dog) title for having Obedience, Agility, and Tracking titles. Speedy was in a run-off for High In Trial, but we lost the run-off. He did get High-Scoring Champion, however. At the Agility trial, seven dogs had perfect scores and were eligible for high scoring (breed) Champion, and I bred four of the seven, and one of my breeding won it.

Marian and Rick McGuire: On March 18, Breeze and Rick earned her Barn Hunt Crazy 8 Bronze title in Chaparral, NM and on April 23, she earned her Barn Hunt Masters title in Conway, AR. She is the first Golden Retriever in Texas to reach either of these titles. She is now qualified to attend the Barn Hunt Nationals in September.

Kathy Harth: In Wichita Falls Scout qualified in Open FAST.

Margaret Freeman: Toby qualified second in T2B in Wichita Falls.

Teresa Janssen: At the Wichita Falls trial Lager got two T2B legs, two Master FAST legs, two single JWW legs, and one QQ. Considering that I was only 4.5 weeks post-op, I was thrilled that we could run together and actually Q!

Cheryl Birdwell: At the Wichita Falls agility trial, Ruby earned her Excellent Standard title and is now competing in Masters Standard and Jumpers (finally!). Sky qualified in four out of six runs and earned one QQ. At the Amarillo Obedience trial, Sky earned her second Q in Utility with a First place.

Regina Edwards: In Wichita Falls, Rio earned his Novice FAST title with a First place and also earned two legs and 20 points in T2B. At the AOTC Obedience and Rally trial in Panhandle, Zorry had a Second and a Fourth place in Preferred Novice and a Fourth place in Novice.

Vernon and Dana Brown have a litter of 10 Doberman puppies. This litter is a repeat breeding of the litter that produced Gibbs. Smooch - Ch. Irongate's Kisses In The Wind is the proud mama and GCH Touchstone's Scandal is the sire.

Kate Johnson: Our little guy, 9 month old Mick (Goldcrest Polaris Start Me Up!) had his ring debut at the Dallas Ft Worth Australian Shepherd Club regional specialty. Mick won his class of 4 in the sweep-stakes and then won his class of 5 at the specialty and went on to RWD. Not a bad start!

Lynn Gregory: Caprock's Addielou, That's Who "Addie" finished her AKC Championship on Feb. 19th at the Midland show. She also went Select both days in Ft Worth for two 4 point Majors to-ward her Grand Championship.

Gayle DeHaas: Ch Always Quantum Leap "Ziggy" finished her Championship in Crosby on March 5 with three majors. She is just over half-way to finishing her Grand Championship in three weeks of showing with multiple BOSs (two were majors) and SBs over specials.

Cheryl Birdwell: Sky finished her PACH3 at the Clovis Agility trial.

Teresa Janssen: At the Clovis trial, Lager finished his 20th QQ on Friday to complete his MACH. He also earned three Qs in T2B and two additional QQs toward his next MACH.

Jodie Pritchard: In Clovis Lizzy qualified 3 for 6 with one QQ and one placement.

Sherhonda Ginn: In Clovis, Gidget earned a Standard leg and a JWW leg for a total of 33 MACH points.

Regina Edwards: In Clovis, Rio had two QQs on Fri-day, qualifying in Standard, JWW, Novice FAST and T2B. On Saturday, placed and qualified in Standard, JWW and T2B. On Sunday, he qualified in JWW.

Joann Neal: In Obedience in Ft. Worth, Shaq got two legs toward his CD with a First and a Second place. Speedy picked up 11 more OTCH points with various placements in Open B and Utility B, and got High Combined on Saturday.

D'Nae Wilson: Introducing the new addition to my home, Fiva's Zokrates "Zippo". Zippo is two and came over from Sweden in December. His first AKC conformation show was in Hobbs where he was Winners Dog on Saturday and WD/Best of Winners for a major on Sunday. In Midland he was Best of Breed both days. Zippo was expertly handled by Holly Leftwich. Wildering's Too Hot For You "Cinder" earned her first AKC points at 11 months old in Hobbs, going WB/BOW/Best of Opposite. In Midland she was WB/Best of Opposite on Satur-day and Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday. TippingPoint's Adventure "Venture" earned her second major on Sunday in Hobbs, going Winners Bitch/Best of Opposite. She was lovingly handled by Liz Brandt.

Tammy Marshall: At the Midland show, Hattie (Los Ositos Bon-Bon Hats Off To TaLyn) took Winners Bitch to finish her Championship with a five point major. Thank you to Tim Sampson for your help in getting her ready with the handling class. Hattie's son TaLyn's Celebrate with Music (Cosmo) finished his championship the day before. Her daughter Ch TaLyn's Celebrate with Style (Tassel) went BOS in the three days shown, picking up three 5-point majors and champion wins towards her grand championship.

Joann Neal: At the Midland Obedience trials, Speedy got 4 OTCH points with a Utility B Second place, and finished his UDX2 title with a "double Q" in Utility and Open. Speedy finished his OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) title on Saturday at SPOTC's Obedience trials. On Saturday he won Open B, Utility B, High In Trial, and High Combined to finish the OTCH, then repeated the feat on Sunday just in case anybody thought Saturday was an accident. What a good boy! That makes him my fourth CH OTCH MACH TDX "triple champion" miniature poodle. Shaq made his Obedience debut by getting his Beginner Novice title with scores of 199.5, 198.5, and 199.5 and three First Places. In the Andrews Agility trials, Doozie debuted in the Open classes. She qualified 5 of 6 runs with 5 First places, finish-ing her Open Standard Title. (ed. note: Sorry, no available pics of Doozie in Agility!) Two of my three Shaq X Tush puppies went to their new homes this week. My keeper puppy will be called "Fanny," and she is a dandy! (I'd say she is a doozie, but I've already got one of those.).

Jodi Pritchard: In Andrews, Lizzy qualified in three of six runs, with one placement and one QQ.

Kathy Harth: Scout brought home his Novice Standard Agility title with a First place run at Andrews. He also had a First place run for his first leg in Open FAST.

Sherell Guichard-Thomas: Zoey had a great first weekend out in Obedience. At our trials she was 3 for 3 in Beginner Novice and Novice, earning her BN and CD titles. She earned five Second place ribbons and one First place in Novice. She also received her official title certificate for her Master Draft Dog title from the American Bouvier des Flandres Club. Hooray! By completing her CD she has earned enough points for her VBCH title (Versatile Bouvier Cham-pion ). She has earned a Conformation Championship, CD, OJP, MDD, and Therapy dog to qualify.

Cheryl Birdwell: At the Obedience trial in Midland in February, Sky qualified in Utility A with a First place. We also competed in the Andrews Agility trial in February. Ruby finished her Excellent Jumpers title, and Sky qualified six out of seven runs, earning two QQs.

Teresa Janssen: At Andrews, Lager got his 18th QQ. At McKinney he got his 19th QQ, in addition to two T2B wins, one FAST win, and another JWW win.

Marcia Bishoff: Rain ran well at the OPAC trial in Andrews. He collected two QQs and qualified in 5 out of 6 runs.

Derek Johnson: In Andrews, Arden earned her Novice Jumpers Preferred title and two legs in Novice Standard Preferred. Otis earned his Novice Standard title and two legs in Novice Jumpers.

Regina Edwards: In Andrews, Zorry took First place in Excellent Standard. Rio went 5 for 6 and got two QQs with all First places and a QQQ on Sunday and a First place in Novice FAST. At our SPOTC Obedience/Rally trial, Rio got a Second place in Open Obedience, and Zippy finished both his BN and CD titles and qualified 5 of his 6 times in the ring with a First, a Second and three Fourths.

Sherhonda Ginn: At Andrews Gidget earned a Second place in Masters Standard leg and 15 MACH points.

Joann Neal: I have been home with puppies, so I don't have anything to brag about except that Doozie did end the year as the #1 Miniature Poodle (AKC breed points), and also as the #1 Miniature Poodle in the AKC Owner-Handled Series. Finishing #1 as a non-professional handler in Minipoos is a unique achievement.

Gayle deHaas: Ziggy (Always Quantum Leap) was Best of Winners on Jan 14 at the Corpus Christi shows and Best of Breed, beating out a special, on Jan 21 at the Fort Bend shows.

Dana Brown: Gibbs is now CH Irongate Kissed By Scandal after finishing his championship in the 6-9 month puppy class. He is Irongate's 49th Champion and the youngest Champion for either Irongate or Touchstone.

Regina Edwards: At the recent K-9 Star Barn Hunt trial in Plainview, Rio finished his RAT Open title with a Second place and earned two RAT Senior legs with two First places. Zippy finished his RAT Novice title with a 1st place and earned a RAT Open leg with a First place.

Teresa Janssen: We went to the Barn Hunt trial in Plainview and Lager completed his Senior level title (two Qs both First places) and got 70 points in his Crazy 8s run (climbing, tunneling and finding 5 rats in 2 minutes). Radar got two legs toward his Open title (both First places). In Shawnee, OK at the Red Dirt Agility trial Lager got a QQ plus First places in both T2B and STD. Unknown to me at the time, Radar had his last Agility run in Shawnee. He had a great STD run 22 sec-onds under course time. He is now officially retired due to a vertebrae/disc problem.At the Belton trial, Lager Qd in 6 of his 9 runs. He got 2 STD Qs, 2 JWW Qs and 2 FAST Qs. On Satur-day he put it all together and it was an official QQQ.

Joann Neal: On January 3, 2017, three beautiful girls were born to Shaq X Tush: Ivana, Melania, & Marla.

Joann Neal: Minipoo Doozie finished the year by going Best of Variety at the three Conroe shows and the three Dallas shows. She capped it with a Group First at Texas Kennel Club. The following weekend she finished her Novice JWW title in Belton. In Agility, Speedy got a 3Q and a 2Q in Belton.

Phil Marshall: Bonnie and Boy each earned their Rally Novice titles in three appearances last year, and both met the eligibility requirements for the 4th AKC Rally National Championship, March, 2017.

Dana Brown: In Conformation, Gibbs went to Conroe and Dallas where he won his class 7 out of the 8 shows, going on to win Best of Opposite Sex in the Futurity at the specialty. He then won a 5 point major, and won Reserve to a 4 point major, taking him to total of 10 points at less than 8 months old. At Agility trials in Albuquerque and Wichita Falls, Racy earned three T2B legs and a QQ. Smooch earned a T2B leg and two Standard and three JWW legs for two QQs.

Ken Williams: December was a time for firsts. Ellie did her first Agility run ever in Wichita Falls with a Q and First Place in Novice FAST. For the first time Bo went 3 for 3 in T2B in Wichita Falls. We made our first trip to Belton. Ellie earned her first title - Novice FAST - with three Qs and three First Places. In Belton Bo went 6 for 9 with his first triple Q on Saturday.

Patti May: In Wichita Falls, Wile-E earned his first Q in Excellent Standard.

Regina Edwards: In Wichita Falls Zippy qualified in JWW with a Second place. Rio earned his MXB title and two legs in T2B, all with First places.

Teresa Janssen: At the Wichita Falls trial Lager got two Master STD legs and a T2B leg. At the Belton trial Lager won the Master FAST class all three days. He also picked up a Master STD leg and and a Master JWW leg.Radar is shown only one day at each trial and he continues to Q every run.