Before the club was established, training classes were started in early 1970 by Caroline Handl at her K-9 Kennels facility located outside of the South Plains town of Lubbock, Texas. These classes produced so much interest in dog obedience that the club was founded shortly thereafter with her help. The first organizational meeting of the group was held December 7, 1970, with 27 persons in attendance. The group's guiding principles for forming the club were to promote the sport of dog training and encourage responsible dog ownership.

Since that time, our non-profit club has helped thousands of area residents train their dogs to become good canine citizens of the South Plains. In addition to providing the public with the highest quality obedience training, the club offers educational and pet therapy programs to the community as well as hosts American Kennel Club (AKC) licensed Agility, Rally and Obedience trials.

The membership of our club is very diverse; from businessperson to housewife, Toy Poodle to Irish Wolfhound. Besides traditional obedience training, many of the members are involved in other AKC events such as herding, agility, lure coursing, draft work, dog sledding, freestyle, tracking, field, and conformation competition.

SPOTC meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. Meetings are held at our training facility located at 5222 Marsha Sharp Frwy, Lubbock, Texas. Membership is open to anyone with a love for dogs and training. We look forward to introducing more people to the exciting and rewarding sport of dog training.

Procedure for Election to Membership in SPOTC (pdf file)


Members who participate in Pet Therapy are very enthusiastic about this program. Many are involved in school reading programs and others visit hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Pet Therapy is truly the most rewarding and satisfying volunteer work you will ever participate in. The members and their dogs are able to bring smiles, and provide temporary relief from illnesses and other problems surrounding patients and their families. (The facility employees also love the dogs!)

If you are a caring individual who is willing to share your special animal in order to bring happiness and cheer to the young and the old alike, you should consider therapy work.

Your dog MUST be well mannered and enjoy human contact. Taking the Canine Good Citizen Class at SPOTC is a great way to become familiar with the necessary skills to do therapy work. If you would like to learn more about therapy dogs, please visit the following sites:

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs:

Therapy Dogs International:

Delta Dogs:

Pet Partners:

Eddie gets a hug from a Friend

Debbie helps Gracie go for a ride

Nancy and Copper

If you would like to become a member of Therapy Dogs Incorporated, Please check their site and contact one of many local Lubbock Evaluators.